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Birthday Gift Zodiac Colourful Candle - Kindred Fires

Zodiac Birthday Gifts

Shop our new Zodiac birthday gifts range, with glow through constellation candles and birth signs available.

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Celebrate your friends and families birthday with a bespoke, hand poured happy birthday candle from our birthday gifts collection. At Kindred Fires, we have crafted the perfect personalised candles that will make the most thoughtful birthday gifts! All of our birthday candles are customisable and you can include a name and a special message to give the birthday gift a personal touch that the recipient can have as a keepsake for years to come. All of our stylish candles are made from soy wax and offer the recipient the feel of luxury when they open their birthday gift for the first time and every time they burn it. Explore our vast range of scents and designs from our birthday candles range and find the perfect birthday gift today!