Collection: Stocking Filler Gifts

For the perfect and affordable gift, our Stocking Filler Gifts section is the ideal option this Christmas. Our Stocking Filler Gifts offer a wonderful choice of candles, each different in design and style and are even more unique once personalised. Once the burn time has reached maximum, the candle will serve as an everlasting, sentimental keepsake to the recipient. Senders can choose from a selection of scents which are sure to suit any recipient. All our candles are made from premium soy wax and are hand poured and crafted at our Manchester workshop. Whilst our Stocking Filler range are at an affordable price, our selection of scents and designs combined offer the feeling of luxury, the recipient will not be left disappointed this Christmas. Ideal for family members and friends, the recipient will be overjoyed with their very own personalised candle.